If you’ve been in the climbing gym business long enough you’ve tried just about everything to clean your holds. There has not been one really good way to clean climbing holds; it’s all just messy, hard, time-consuming duty. Until now…

We are excited to announce KleanHolds, cleaning machines for climbing holds. These machines have been specifically designed with the climbing gym in mind to effectively and efficiently clean holds with very little effort or mess.

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Simply load them onto the basket, close the lid, hit start, and walk away. In a matter of minutes, holds are clean, mostly dry, and ready to be put back into use!

Keep Your Grips Clean



After 10 Minutes Your Holds are Like New!



Using a mild detergent (formulated exactly for this application), high volume spray, and moderate heat, holds will come cleaner than anyone thought possible, and without the hassle. There’s no mess, smell, or over-spray to deal with, and gym staff doesn’t end up soaking wet.

KleanHolds machines save labor costs because they are more efficient than an employee cleaning holds manually. They take up very little space, and have very little impact to gym operations.

KleanHolds is environmentally friendly as well, using much less water, since the cleaning solution is used several times before changing.

Save time and money, and keep more holds on the wall.

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Financing is available for purchase or lease.

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Save Time & Money, and Keep More Holds on the Wall.